Fix jQuery and WordPress “url.indexOf is not a function” error

So, you have updated your WordPress to 5.6 and something strange happened to your website? You open the inspector (Command+Option+C (Mac) or Control+Shift+C (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS), and you find a red message like url.indexOf is not a function error ? Wtf Javascript? How to fix it?

WordPress 5.6 comes with an updated jQuery version: 3.5.1.

WordPress 5.5 stopped enabling the jQuery Migrate helper script by default, and with the upcoming release of WordPress 5.6, the bundled version of jQuery will be upgraded (from 1.12.4-wp to 3.5.1).

What this involves for users, is that any plugin or theme that previously relied on the jQuery Migrate tool to work as expected (due to being older code, or just a missed update to deprecated functions), may now have unexpected behaviors.

.load, .unload, and .error, deprecated since jQuery 1.8, are no more. Use .on() to register listeners.

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So the correct way is to change in your javascript all your occurrences of

$(window).load(function() { ... });

into something like

$(window).on('load', function() { ... });

But sometimes errors are not related to your own code, right? So what to do?
Try adding this code before other javascript scripts and after jQuery inclusion.

jQuery.fn.load = function(callback){ jQuery(window).on("load", callback) };